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 Voting System At 1/aug/2008

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PostSubject: Voting System At 1/aug/2008   Fri Aug 01, 2008 12:13 pm

So Far The iG`A Memeberlist Is Not Up To 10 Players Yet.

Once All These Postions Have Been Filled The Voting Process Will Begin.

Players Wishing To Join Will Wear A iG`A|name[T] Tag.

Once Players Who Decicded They Want To Join The Clan Are Wearing This Tag, They Will Wear It For Around 1-3 Weeks (depending on how much we see of them).

Then The Admins Will Put On A Poll In This Voting Section Along With The 3 Newest Recuits.

1 Will Be Voted For (the one with the most votes will go though).

The Others Are Not Fully Evicted But Will Be Given Another Week To Prove Themselves.
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Voting System At 1/aug/2008
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